The girl is non-stop

I’m a musical theater nerd, much to my husband Kevin’s dismay sometimes. I sing along loud and proud, and I spend probably more money than I should on tickets. Tomorrow, I’ll attempt to buy tickets to “Hamilton: An American Musical” for its first run of performances in Chicago this fall for my birthday. There are more than 40 songs in the juggernaut musical, but there’s one song that sums up my spring: “Non-Stop.”

Why do you write like you’re running out of time?

April 24-May 8, Kevin and I traveled to Italy, Greece and Turkey on a 12-day cruise, ending our trip with two days in Rome. It was a fantastic, much-needed getaway. We fell more in love, we connected and we spent time together seeing places we both had only dreamed about. It was an incredible trip together and for both of us, it was such a needed break to unplug, disconnect and recharge.


But as soon as we returned, I arrived back to help communicate the beginning of a much expanded summer learning program at Springfield Public Schools. As a team, we celebrated when we barely reached our overall enrollment goal, but that was just the beginning. I’ve been monitoring the #ExploreSPS hashtag non-stop, curating content from the endless stream of learning going on around SPS.

I also began working on a major project with my business Checkmate Consulting on June 1. This summer, I’ll be working to do a complete content refresh for Ozarks Technical Community College’s 21 technical education division program websites. It’s a monumental task — with staff profiles, new landing pages, marketing language to match and mobile-friendly calibration. It’s a massive undertaking, broken apart in three phases, with the final phase due Aug. 30.

Also, I’m working to expand the digital footprint and ROI of social media for another client, and I’m continuously trying to utilize more video in ads for Circle B Ranch. It’s a delicate dance, balancing it all, learning everything I can for the benefit of everyone who I serve. But I love it — but will I ever be satisfied with my work? All the work I’m currently doing, isn’t this enough?

How do you write like tomorrow won’t arrive?

I’m working on being satisfied with the things I create and then walking away. Long weekends in St. Louis with my niece, nephew and in-laws at Six Flags; barbecues with couples and friends who we cherish at our house. Monday nights with a gaggle of girls who keep me sane. Long walks, hand in hand, with my husband on Sunday afternoons. If there’s anything I learned while I was abroad, it was that I need to create boundaries in my life between me and my work.


Look around, isn’t this enough?

Yes, it is.

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